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With this simple and efficient program, you can capture the proper color code from any pixel on your desktop and save it to a TXT color list

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Capture Color Man Lite is a comprehensive yet easy to understand piece of software that was developed to offer you a simple means of retrieving the proper color code of a certain pixel, supporting several different languages, such as HTML, RGB or HSL.

The advantages of a portable tool

After saving the file to your computer, you can unzip the archive and run the executable, being able to start using the application right away, since its installation is not in any way necessary.

As a consequence, you can easily keep the utility on a USB stick or other similar storage devices, using it on all compatible computers to get the job done, then removing it without any additional traces on the host system.

Intuitive usage and practical looks

Capture Color Man Lite features a fairly simple interface, made up of three sections, on the left allowing you to view an enlarged image of what your mouse cursor is currently hovering over, while in the middle, you can choose the preferred language and view the exact picked color.

Moreover, on the left-side table, the application will display a list of the codes collected thus far, enabling you to browse through them, using your mouse scroll wheel.

Effortlessly pick colors off your screen using a keyboard shortcut

The program is able to identify and store any color on your screen, requiring you to simply hover your mouse cursor over the targeted pixel, then press the ‘ALT+C’ key combination to save the retrieved code.

Capture Color Man Lite supports a wide range of languages, namely LAB, RGB, HTML, HSB/HSV, CMYK, HSL (with several of its variations), TColor and Hexa. After gathering a set of codes, you can save them to a TXT format list for further work.

A handy color picker

In short, Capture Color Man Lite is an efficient and reliable utility meant to assist you in creating color code lists in a variety of languages, proving quite handy for graphics and design professionals, as it helps you compile these files with little to no effort entailed.

Capture Color Man was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Capture Color Man - The main window of Capture Color Man enables users to capture any color from their desktopCapture Color Man - The File menu is the place where users can save the current color list or open an existing oneCapture Color Man - Users can access the Edit menu when they want to clear the current color list or copy itCapture Color Man - screenshot #4Capture Color Man - screenshot #5Capture Color Man - screenshot #6

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