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Royalty-free graphics collection with various sizes of still GIF bars, buttons and tiles, along with animated LED signs for personal websites

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CoolPack represents a royalty-free collection of bars, buttons and tiles that you can use for your websites, multimedia applications and programming projects.

Before proceeding any further, you should know that the collection hasn't been updated for a very long time, and the graphics files have low quality.

Color-themed GIF bars, buttons and tiles with various sizes

The theme of the collection is based on various colors, such as aqua, dark blue, light blue, gray, green, orange, gold, purple, yellow, gold, red, and black. There are 118 graphic files in total with different sizes, and all of them have the GIF extension. Except for 15 animated GIFs for email, welcome and "under construction" LED signs, the files have still GIFs format.

For each color there are six or seven bars available, along with two buttons. Apart from the aforementioned colors, there are two vine, three multicolor and one checker bars.

The collection is not organized well, so you have to check out each file to find out its size. It ranges from 15x15 px (for buttons) to 125x35, 230x40, 500x25, 600x10, 600x10 and 600x15 px (for bars).

There are 24 tiles in total to choose from, each having a 128x128 resolution. These have different colors and patterns, and they can be use to create tiled backgrounds, such as wallpapers or textures.

Simply download and extract

Installation is not necessary, so you can save the downloaded archive in a custom location the hard disk and simply extract the files to use. Another option is to save the files to a pen drive, external hard disk, memory card, or other removable storage unit, in order to carry it with you at all times and copy the images on any machine.


As previously mentioned, CoolPack is a very old project. Although its graphic files are of questionable quality, you can use them as samples if you've just started learning how to build websites, for instance.

CoolPack was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 10th, 2015

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