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A professional application designed by Adobe for photographers that are seeking for a solution to view and edit DNG profiles easily

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DNG Profile Editor is an application developed by Adobe that deals with processing information from DNG files. It helps photographers to manage camera profiles in a professional manner, as well as to edit captured images by controlling tone curves and the mixture of primary colors.

DNG is a lossless image format produced by Adobe for use with digital photography, with an emphasis on the use of metadata and on the preservation of quality characteristics throughout time. While all Adobe graphic products benefit from built-in support for this format, there are fewer third-party applications that accept it.

This aspect raised the need for an exclusive graphic editor that concentrates on DNG files alone and Adobe soon complied with this universal demand. DNG Profile Editor was brought to the market as a cost-free project that anyone can benefit from, assuming they have the proper knowledge to maneuver it.

The program is able to work with one photo at a time, which can be added using the dedicated menu and further enhanced using the toolbox embedded in the application. Profile management is the first noticeable feature that allows you to edit, import and export profiles in a comfortable manner.

There are four main editing sections, as follows: color tables, where parameters such as hue, saturation and lightness can be adjusted, followed by tone curve and color matrices (that facilitate the creation of several mixes between primary colors) and chart, which allows you to create color tables using a 24-patch color checker graphic.

Other options include zoom and fit functions, fast redraw, enabling or disabling various previews, as well as the possibility to export profiles or to reset the white balance of a modified image.

In conclusion, DNG Profile Editor delivers a versatile toolbox for photographers in an environment where editing and profile management are carried out in a professional manner. Admittedly, users need to have a rich background in photography in order to make proper use of it.

DNG Profile Editor was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 13th, 2014
DNG Profile Editor - This is the main window of DNG Profile Editor that allows you to access all the features of the application.DNG Profile Editor - All the editing commands you'll need when operating DNG Profile Editor are available via this menu.DNG Profile Editor - To change the viewing options in DNG Profile Editor you need to user the functions from this menu of the application.DNG Profile Editor - screenshot #4DNG Profile Editor - screenshot #5DNG Profile Editor - screenshot #6DNG Profile Editor - screenshot #7DNG Profile Editor - screenshot #8