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A simple to use application that allows you to draw a sketch of a girl's face as cartoon character like a professional illustrator's work

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DrawWiz is an intuitive drawing tool that enables you to create the sketch of a character in a few simple moves. The software enables you to select face shapes, eyes or clothing style from a large collection, in order to create the model you wish. Each character you create is easily customized by changing even the smallest detail.

Character sketch

DrawWiz offers two modes of sketching a model: the anime style or the classic drawing manner. Just like creating an avatar as a profile picture or playing a clothing game, so can you choose multiple face details in DrawWiz. You may customize the model’s jaw shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, hair and clothing style.

You may easily mix and match the hundreds of face features styles and obtain the character face you wish to view. Moreover, you may add several accessories, such as glasses, sun glasses, earrings or masks.

Select clothes and drawing style

The software offers different clothing styles and body models, according to which drawing mode you select. In anime, you may add specific features, such as funny over sized tears, large cartoonish eyes or childish hairdos. In the classic drawing mode, you can study the face features, by experimenting with realistic eye, eyebrows, nose and lips shape.

You can easily observe how even the smallest details, such as the angle of the eyebrows can completely change a person’s face. You may also change the model’s clothing, by choosing between gowns, leisure outfits or special clothes styles. Additionally, the software offers several types of paper like background, in order to simulate a sketch made on a school notebook.

Become a sketch artist in a few clicks

DrawWiz allows you to create funny and beautiful cartoon sketches of a girl. Simply select the elements you wish, from the collection of face details, then mix and match them in order to obtain a character. You may apply the background, save the model as a PNG file to a local folder, then share it online or import it to other software.

DrawWiz was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on December 27th, 2014
DrawWiz - DrawWiz is a fun tool that enables you to create the sketch of a model, in the classic drawing mode or as in anime style.DrawWiz - You may create a sketch of a model, by choosing the shape of the face, eyes, eyebrows, hair and clothing style.

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