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An application that enables you to create a smooth gradient from any color visible on your desktop, using the built-in color picker

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Creating gradients can prove to be a rather difficult tasks, regardless of the image editor you are using. Besides having to pick the right color for your purposes, you also have to create a smooth color transition, which is a challenge in itself.

These gradients can be very useful when it comes to website design, since the current implemented CSS solutions are not yet too feasible.

Pick any color you want from your desktop screen

Fade Color is a software utility that enables you to create smooth-looking gradients from any color you happen to pick from your desktop screen. The color picker is especially useful when the colors you like are on other websites, in movies or various images found on the Internet.

The application then creates a gradient from black to the selected color and you can control the fading level to adjust the final result. Depending on the fading value, you can either increase it to extend the black coverage, or decrease it to show more of your chosen shade.

Invert the gradient and switch between vertical and horizontal orientation

If you want the gradient to go the other way around, you can make use of the invert function, which creates a fading effect from the picked color all the way to black. It is also possible to invert the axis and obtain a vertical gradient, which can also be used in various graphic applications.

The application's title bar displays the current width and height of the gradient, as well as the RGB values of the picked color. These values can easily be retrieved and used to include the shade in your stylesheets, or even in your other image editors.

Closing arguments

Fade Color is a lightweight software utility that, although it is delivered with only one function, can accomplish a wide variety of purposes in the right pair of hands. As you might expect, it is very easy to use for anyone, since all you have to do is point your cursor at the desired color and press the “Fading” button to create the gradient.

Fade Color was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
Fade Color - The color picker enables you to choose any color from you desktop and creates a gradient from it in the main window of the application.

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