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A sophisticated 3D viewer, converter and publisher that enables you to export your three-dimensional models to PDFs or WebGL files

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FinalMesh is a comprehensive application that enables you to view, convert or publish 3D models, without effort. The software features a sophisticated interface and allows you to view a 3D model, rotate, enlarge it or observe its structure and light casting. Moreover, FinalMesh features minor editing functions.

Modern interface for a 3D viewing experience

FinalMesh allows you to open the existing 3D model in a work space and modify the visibility options, render it as wireframe or vertices, as well as apply lighting effects. You may select the specific view and strip certain layers of texture, materials or motion path, in order to study the exact object of interest.

The FinalMesh viewer enables you to observe each layer used in the building of the model or apply light effects. Thus, you may simulate the light casting during the day, in the night, artificial light or with several colored tints.

Create new sets for publishing

Aside from opening existing files for viewing and analysis, FinalMesh also allows you to create new sets, by importing objects from local files or from the preset templates. The 3D scene creator function offered by the software enables you to import models from other files and apply minor modifications.

The multi-level viewing tools are available in this mode as well, but you may also rotate, enlarge or reposition the model anywhere on the canvas. You may add new light sources or preset objects, then inspect the technical details for each of them. The software offers information about the geometry types used in creating the model, the visibility, shadows casting capabilities, render mode, materials and position on the canvas.

Model converter and publisher

With FinalMesh, you may easily convert the current canvas to a PDF, image or WebGL file, each suitable for transfer and online publishing. Thanks to FinalMesh, you can transform 3D models that require special software in order to be opened, to common formats. You may customize the pixel format of the output file, by selecting a convenient bits/channel options, as well as the file type. Moreover, the software supports opening both 3D models and regular images, in many input formats.

FinalMesh was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
FinalMesh - FinalMesh is a simple to use tool that enables you to convert 3D models to PDF or WebGL format, suitable for publishing.FinalMesh - The software acts as a model viewer, that you can use to observe its structure, materials, textures and light casting.FinalMesh - You may easily rotate, enlarge or perform minor edits on your model, then export it as a 3D file, a PDF, image or WebGL format.FinalMesh - screenshot #4FinalMesh - screenshot #5FinalMesh - screenshot #6FinalMesh - screenshot #7FinalMesh - screenshot #8FinalMesh - screenshot #9FinalMesh - screenshot #10FinalMesh - screenshot #11FinalMesh - screenshot #12FinalMesh - screenshot #13FinalMesh - screenshot #14

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