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A lightweight PostScript driver that can arrange for PostScript conversions to be routed through a virtual printer that requires no setup

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Free PS Convert Driver is a program that simply deploys a driver needed for the conversion of PostScript files to PDF format. It was designed as a third-party component for converters such as DWG to PDF Converter and DWG to Image Converter, which are produced by the same company as the driver.

It is a common practice for converters to use this sort of approach, as it streamlines the conversion process without being invasive or harming the computer in any way. There are several types of applications that use drivers, targeting all sorts of content, including documents, images and text files.

Typically, the conversion functions are made available through the Print function of any editor, following which a driver is called to facilitate the actual conversion process. The printer, in this case, is a virtual container that doesn’t point to an actual physical device, so it can be used universally.

Free PS Convert Driver uses a similar principle and routes all the conversions through a virtual PostScript printer that takes care of the job in the background, without bothering you. PostScript drivers are generally recommended when an accurate color output is required and that is the main reason why it is used by the company’s two products mentioned above.

The driver is automatically included in their installation process, however it can be downloaded and set up separately. There’s no actual interface to it, therefore there’s no need to make additional configurations.

In conclusion, Free PS Convert Driver serves to intermediate drawing / PDF conversions and is minimally invasive. We cannot testify to it being a universal driver, although there is a good chance that it might function with other applications as well.

Free PS Convert Driver was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 12th, 2014

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