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With the help of this application, you will be able to create personalized t-shirt models that you can export locally in PNG format

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Free TSHIRT Maker provides a toolset for users who want to design personalized t-shirts. Both text and images can be used as prints for the prototypes provided by the application, which are available in several colors.

Short learning curve

Free TSHIRT Maker relies on a very simple, yet intuitive interface that gathers all of the functions in the same place, without resorting to menus to organize the feature set. This makes the application quite easy and pleasant to experiment with, benefitting all audiences.

Rich collection of clipart images

The most attractive aspect of Free TSHIRT Maker is the fact that it encases so many templates inside such a simple environment. These are organized in categories and can be placed on a unicolor t-shirt, which you have to choose when starting a new project.

There are ten different sections of clipart images, as follows: abstract, animals, buildings, education, emoticon, flowers, hearts, sports, technology and weapon. After you’ve made your choice, you can place the clipart on the t-shirt freely, with possibilities to reduce its size or rotate it with the aid of your mouse.

Import your own pictures

In addition to delivering the set of templates discussed above, Free TSHIRT Maker can also work with locally imported images. Much like the clipart items, these can be resized and customized to match your taste.

Alternatively, you can opt for text prints with adjustable colors and with 3D effects. Also, you can combine text with images, if that suits you better.

Fun to work with

The best part about Free TSHIRT Maker is that it creates a fun environment, where you can blend multiple clipart items with custom text and export the models locally. It can be inspiring when you’re looking for a way to create an original t-shirt design.

Free TSHIRT Maker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 26th, 2014
Free TSHIRT Maker - With Free TSHIRT Maker, you will be able to put together personalized t-shirts.Free TSHIRT Maker - Free TSHIRT Maker provides a wide array of clipart items organized in several categories.

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