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A useful application that can help you analyze images and extract text by using an advanced algorithm that detects the exact pixel position

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GT Text is a valuable tool for all the users who need to extract text from scanned images. The program is designed to analyze the position of the pixels that form the image and detect the ones that are part of a character in order to rebuild the entire text.

Unlike the professional Optical Character Recognition software solutions, this tool features a simple interface and provides quick results with minimal configuration. Basically, you just need to load the file and select the area that contains the text.

After the image analysis finishes, the detected characters are displayed in a popup window and stored on the clipboard in order to paste them in other appliactions. By default, the recognition language list only includes English but additional languages can be downloaded and installed.

You can use this program to process the text from the entire image or zoom to the desired area and select the paragraphs with the mouse cursor. The zoom level can be changed from the toolbar or by using the select-zoom option.

The image quality is the main factor in generating accurate text files which means that a high resolution PNG or BMP file are likely to be produce better results. However, you can improve the result accuracy by adjusting the brightness or shadow level of the image.

In our tests, the program successfully detected large paragraphs from both color and black-and-white images. Unfortunately, the line breaks are not maintained when pasting the text, even though they are displayed correctly in the popup window.

However, even if you need to make small corrections to the text before using it in your documents, GT Text is low-cost and efficient tool for grabbing text out of downloaded images or scanned documents.

GT Text was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 9th, 2013
GT Text - This is the main window of the application that allows you to load and to preview the image file.GT Text - The Image menu enables you to view the basic properties of the image and to hide the image shadow.GT Text - You can select a part of the image and copy the text from a certain area of the image using the Tools menu.GT Text - This window allows you to set the default project path and the text recognition language.

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