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You can use this efficient and easy to understand program to sort and view your favorite pictures by the geographical location they were taken in

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Geo-Tag Mapper is a user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose is to help you organize and preview your holiday snapshots and all your favorite photos, according to the geo-tag each item has attached.

The program is fairly simple to work with, requiring very little experience or knowledge in geo-tagging. After its uneventful installation operation, you can launch the application and press on the 'Start' button, which will prompt you to select the directory that you want to analyze.

Geo-Tag Mappersupports all the popular image formats, meaning that regardless of the type of files you have on your computer, the tool will be able to analyze their properties and determine whether they have a geo-tag.

You can choose a directory as large as you like and after scanning its contents, Geo-Tag Mapper will display all the detected pictures on a world map. By clicking on the placemark, you can preview a thumbnail of your photo. Note, however, that the files with no geo-tag will not be displayed anywhere, so this utility only works if you have this feature enabled in your camera.

The program is quite useful when your image folders are rather messy and cluttered, making it difficult for you to know from which holiday each one is. After sorting the pictures according to their geo-tag, you will be able to show your friends or family only the ones from your latest adventure, leaving older ones for some other time. Moreover, the application can also prove quite handy if you have found an image on the Internet of a beautiful place you would like to visit, but are unable to learn its geographical location, due to a lack of description or other reasons.

To conclude, Geo-Tag Mapper is an interesting and easy to use tool that provides you with the ability to view your favorite photos sorted by the geographical tag, representing the city or region they were snapped in.

Geo-Tag Mapper was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
Geo-Tag Mapper - The start window of Geo-Tag Mapper allows you to get started and select the picture folder you want o work withGeo-Tag Mapper - In the main window of the application, you can view the number of geo-tagged images on the map

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