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Simple-to-use application that lets you create text with glitter effect (without the need for third-party software) and export it to GIF format

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Glitter Text Maker is a small application that allows you to create text logos or banners with glitter effect. Given the nature of its simplicity, it can be used even by children.

The interface is made from an outdated window with a simple layout, where you can write the text to process, select a font name, style and size, enable or disable anti-alias mode, as well as choose a background and font color.

In the secondary panel you can pick a color for the glitter area and select a glitter type from file. The application provides 98 templates for this purpose, so make sure to explore all options.

Once the output directory and file name are established, you can initialize the task with the simple click of a button. All pictures are saved to GIF format, and you have the possibility of specifying the frames per second and making the image transparent.

The straightforward tool is not a concern to the system's resources, since it requires very low CPU and memory to work properly. We have not come across any problems in our evaluation, since Glitter Text Maker did not hang or crash. On the downside, the app has not been updated for a very long time, and it is not compatible with newer operating systems.

Glitter Text Maker was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 4th, 2013
Glitter Text Maker - The Glitter Text Maker software's interface will allow you to enter the text you want to be glitterized and to customize its look by changing the font, the font style, the font size and a number of other similar settings.Glitter Text Maker - The Glitter Text Maker software's Global settings dialog will allow yout to choose an output directory, to set the glitter area and also to save the resulting GL4 file.

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