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A simple to use tool that can help you quickly deal with large numbers of images and photos that need to be resized without loosing quality

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Whether you’re a photographer or a person that loves to gather images from all over the Internet, you often need an application that can resize those photos so they become faster to share and easier to store on a hard drive.

Hornil Photo Resizer is a tool that can help you do just that and much more. With it, you are able to resize any number of photos that are located on your computer in one move and also apply various other changes to them.

Displaying an intuitive interface, Hornil Photo Resizer offers you all its tools in a logical succession of steps. They allow you to add images, choose the new dimensions for them, apply a rotation, add filters, watermarks and change their name.

When it comes to resizing, the application has all the areas covered. It enables you to change just the width, height or both at the same time. You also get a feature that comes in really handy when the loaded images don't have the same orientation by allowing you to choose whether you want to adjust the longer or shorter length.

Hornil Photo Resizer does however offer a rotate tool that also flips the images any which way you need. It can also apply a decent amount of quality enhancements and artistic effects. You get to automatically adjust levels and contrast, sharpen the images, convert them to grayscale and add sepia, glow and vintage effects. They're the standards in any editing application so don’t expect too much from them, especially since you don’t have any means of customizing them.

Moreover, besides resizing, rotating, renaming and optimizing, Hornil Photo Resizer can convert the source images to various popular formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA and TIF which greatly helps you in maintaining the quality of the original files.

To sum it up, Hornil Photo Resizer is by all means a practical and reliable image resizing tool which can be successfully used by anyone.

Hornil Photo Resizer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 27th, 2014
Hornil Photo Resizer - Hornil Photo Resizer is an application that you can use to batch resize images located on your computer.Hornil Photo Resizer - Accessing the Resize section, you can choose to adjust the width or height of the source images.Hornil Photo Resizer - Users are able to rotate the images by 90 or 180 degrees, as well as flip them about their axes.Hornil Photo Resizer - screenshot #4Hornil Photo Resizer - screenshot #5Hornil Photo Resizer - screenshot #6Hornil Photo Resizer - screenshot #7Hornil Photo Resizer - screenshot #8

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