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A software solution that enables you to perform extensive image testing operations and import items directly from sensor configuration packages

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The pictures taken with your camera are influenced by a wide array of factors, all of which leave their imprint on the final quality of the resulting images. Thus, elements such as the lens, sensor and image processor can have a significant impact on the photos, reducing their quality and overall visual fidelity.

Perform advanced image testing

Imatest Image Sensor is a professional software utility designed to perform advanced image testing on your photos, in order to determine their quality level and verify the color integrity, sharpness and various other factors that influence their final aspect. To achieve this, the application employs a wide range of modules and postprocessors, which conduct a series of calculations to establish if the image characteristics fall into line with quality standards.

At the core of the utility, you can find a few Matlab libraries, which are used to perform the mathematical operations required during the tests. In addition, the large selection of procedures cover a wide spectrum of image defects, including sharpness, color, dynamic range and uniformity, all of which can be customized depending on the individual photo.

Import images from sensors

The greatest advantaged offered by the application is its ability to work with sensor images, by loading them directly from the configuration packages, without the need to copy them on the computer first. In addition, the analysis performed on the loaded items can be then used to provide you with information on how to configure the aforementioned sensors, by pinpointing quality defects found in the tested samples.

As far as the supported configurations, Imatest Image Sensor is able to work with a wide array of sensor packages, including DevSuits, DevWare and ImaTuning. Furthermore, automatic testing is also possible, which enables you to automate the entire process and concern yourself only with the final results of the procedure.

A professional image testing utility

In the end, thanks to the comprehensive selection of tests available, as well as its ability to load images directly from sensor configurations, Imatest Image Sensor is a very well polished product, which can be used in a variety of purposes. It does, however, require extensive experience with the concepts, since it is not very forgiving with beginners.

Imatest Image Sensor was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
Imatest Image Sensor - The main window of the application allows you to reach the majority of tests and program settings.Imatest Image Sensor - The utility provides you with a wide variety of fixed modules, including color check, uniformity and distortion.Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #3Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #4Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #5Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #6Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #7Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #8Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #9Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #10Imatest Image Sensor - screenshot #11Imatest Image Sensor - The File menu allows you to clear the memory and copy the current session's parameters.

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