JPEG Image Optimizer1.0

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A lightweight application designed to optimize your images and reduce their file size, as well as tweak their quality level and apply various conversion filters

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Although image quality is important in some practical applications, such as web design or various other artwork involving high-resolution imagery, their large file size can pose problems for those of you who are not using them for such purposes.

Optimize and reduce the size of your photos

JPEG Image Optimizer is a software utility designed to reduce the size of your photo collection, by applying a wide variety of optimization techniques and conversion filters. It can work with a variety of picture formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP, although the output result is limited to JPEG only, due to its low file size compatibility.

Despite the fact that the utility cannot process more than one image at once, the optimization process is quick and straightforward, since it only requires you to select the desired picture and an output folder, as well as a custom filename to apply on the newly created document. In addition, you can keep the application minimized in your taskbar at all times, thanks to its minimal resource consumption.

Choose the desired quality level and limit the maximum file size

Once you have selected the image in question, you can choose to personalize the output result, by accessing the Filters window. Here you can manually adjust the quality level using percentages, which also affects the final space requirements of the photo, as well as limit the size to a specific value in kilobytes. Using this data, the application is able to produce results tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, a wide range of conversions filters are available for you to choose from, all of which come with their respective benefits or drawbacks. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding them, so you have to document yourself if you want to know what best fits your requirements. In the end, it is also possible to resize the image by entering a new width value in pixels.

Closing arguments

The simplicity of JPEG Image Optimizer make it a great tool for inexperienced users who want to reduce the size of their photo collection, but the lack of batch processing capabilities and the limited selection of output formats may turn others away. All in all, the utility is a handy application to have around your computer, in case you need a fast and easy image optimizer.

JPEG Image Optimizer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
JPEG Image Optimizer - You can choose the desired image and the output folder from the main window of the application.JPEG Image Optimizer - The Filters window enables you to select the image quality level and the maximum file size.JPEG Image Optimizer - The Settings window allows you to be notified in case of software updates and whether to minimize the application when it is first executed.

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