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Remove unncessary metadata from JPG / JPEG / JFIF & PNG files

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JPEG & PNG Stripper is a simple program designed with the purpose of reducing the size of your image files (in the JPEG and PNG format).

The difference between this tool and a photo resizer is the fact that the image quality will not be affected in any way. JPEG & PNG Stripper focuses only on the technical aspects of a picture.

Installation is not necessary, so that makes JPEG & PNG Stripper portable. It means that you can place it on a removable drive and run the executable file on any computer. Plus, your registry items will remain intact.

Once you initialize the software with the plain interface, you can use the "drag and drop" method to add images for processing (batch mode is possible).

The task automatically starts without you having to press any buttons. A log file informs you of the successful or failure of JPEG & PNG Stripper.

Furthermore, you can view the total number of scanned and shrunk images, size, saved and average saved size, warnings and errors.

In addition, you can enable JPEG & PNG Stripper to preview only, preserve the file date and time, ignore read-only attributes and to always be on top of other applications.

The tool runs on very low system resources and quickly finishes a task. However, it doesn't incorporate enough functions. For example, it doesn't provide you with the possibility of removing EXIF information.

Nevertheless, JPEG & PNG Stripper shows some great results when it comes to batch-processing large quantities of data. We suggest you give this tool a shot and see if it matches your preferences.

JPEG & PNG Stripper was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
JPEG & PNG Stripper - This is the main window of JPEG & PNG Stripper from where you can drop a file in order to scan it.

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