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Compress file size of one or more JPG / JPEG files.

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JPG File Size Reduce Software enables you to reduce the size of an image. This is useful in various situations, such as photo sharing or dialing down the impact of your image collections on your computer’s space.

The program has a simple interface, with very few options at your disposal. The toolbar allows you to add files or a folder, clear the list, and start reducing.

Once you have added an image file (the drag and drop method is supported), you can select how much you want it to be reduced in quality (adjusting is done with the aid of a slider), and start the compression process.

A task takes little time to finish, after which you are able to compare the before and after reduction pictures in two small windows, as well as view the before and after size.

Unfortunately, if you need assistance, additional efforts are required. The help option only pops up a window that says you should email the developer, while the FAQ page mainly focuses on the registered version of the program. In addition, if you load the example files, you can view two pictures (that are different) in which you are supposed to see the quality, but how can you tell?

The program uses a moderate amount of CPU and system resources. In theory, JPG File Size Reduce Software does its job well (although it froze once while a task was in progress), but if you cannot save even one image with reduced quality (demo limitation) there is no way of knowing for sure.

JPG File Size Reduce Software was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 18th, 2013
JPG File Size Reduce Software - This is the main window of JPG File Size Reduce Software that enables you to add the desired JPG files and reduce their size.JPG File Size Reduce Software - You can select the percentage you want the quality of your JPG files to be reduced at.

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