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Create brick mosaics from source image files or videos with this interesting application, that uses several high-quality color matching engines

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Lego enthusiasts have one more reason to rejoice, thanks to Legoaizer. The program is a handy tool for creating Lego brick layouts and mosaics out of regular pictures. Each of these models is comprised of various Lego bricks, colored to specifically match the overall look of your original image.

Fun picture transformation tool

The application gives you the possibility to convert your pictures and digital photos into matching Lego brick buildouts. This way, you can find out just how many bricks it would need to build a real Lego replica of your images.

Furthermore, the program can help you estimate the price and brick quantity required to build a real layout. Thanks to some features, you can find out the exact number of bricks, their colors, size and shape, along with the total price of your final physical product, if you choose to do one.

Creative tool for creating digital Lego mosaics

Legoaizer provides you with a convenient way of transforming your favorite pictures into fully-fledged Lego mosaics. The model can then be printed and build into a physical one, providing that you have all the necessary bricks, accordingly colored.

Additionally, you can increase or decrease the size of your mosaic, implicitly the price and number of bricks, in order to keep certain details or avoid them, by generating simple Lego model layouts of your favorite photos. This can help you create astonishing pieces of art out of Lego bricks, depending on the content of your original pictures and the level of detail used to create the physical mosaic.


All in all, Legoaizer is an ideal tool for Lego enthusiasts who wish to transform their favorite digital photos into Lego brick mosaics. It is easy to use and it can also help you accurately estimate the total cost of the required bricks needed for a real model, in case you wish to make one.

Legoaizer+ was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Legoaizer+ - You can create a mosaic from a source file, view details about the currently highlighted brick and specify which colors should be used.Legoaizer+ - You can use both image files and videos to create mosaics, then save or print them.Legoaizer+ - You can access the Colour table menu to view "Bricklink" data or edit the Colour table.Legoaizer+ - You can customize the mosaic's size by determining the number of horizontal and vertical studs and the size of the baseplate.Legoaizer+ - You can choose which color matching engine will be used, as well as the color sorting method.Legoaizer+ - screenshot #6Legoaizer+ - screenshot #7Legoaizer+ - screenshot #8Legoaizer+ - screenshot #9Legoaizer+ - screenshot #10Legoaizer+ - screenshot #11Legoaizer+ - screenshot #12Legoaizer+ - screenshot #13Legoaizer+ - screenshot #14Legoaizer+ - screenshot #15Legoaizer+ - screenshot #16Legoaizer+ - screenshot #17

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