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A simple and easy to use software solution that can help you convert regular images into ASCII art, for you and your friends to enjoy

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MKad: AsciiArt Player is an interesting tool that can be used to quickly create and display ASCII art, allowing you to play several files in a sequence.

ASCII art is a graphic design method that uses 95 printable characters of the ASCII Standard to render a wide variety of images or text. This includes letters in both cases, numbers and special characters. Various items are thus pieced together to form a black-and-white picture of almost any picture, which is referred to as ASCII art.

With MKad: AsciiArt Player, you can convert BMP images into FRM (or frame) files. These frame, when placed in sequence, allow you to play animations in ASCII art.

An additional option is to use a frame-extracting software utility, such as FFMpeg and obtain the essential video frames of your MP4 movie, which will be output to BMP files. Consequently, you can convert them to FRM format using MKad: AsciiArt Player, then sequence them and enjoy the show.

The application supports hundreds, if not thousands of frames being loaded and displayed, making it possible for your videos to have quite an extensive duration. You can start or stop the animation from the context menu. Also from the right-click menu, you can select the font you want to use in rendering the ASCII characters.

The program enables you to set the preferred image quality, with 3 being the default value, and 1 ensuring the best visual quality. Moreover, with the 'Timer Interval' slider you can increase or decrease the display speed of your frames.

MKad: AsciiArt Player is a simple and easy to use piece of software that has a limited number of functions, but it manages to perform them quite satisfyingly. You can use it to turn your favorite pictures into ASCII art or create fun animations for your friends.

MKad: AsciiArt Player was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
MKad: AsciiArt Player - The main window of MKad: AsciiArt Player displays the frames from the converted imagesMKad: AsciiArt Player - The context menu of the application enables you to start or stop the ASCII animationMKad: AsciiArt Player - From the File menu, users can open another frame, convert a new image or change the visual qualityMKad: AsciiArt Player - screenshot #4

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