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Create the magazine covers you want in a few simple steps using images from your computer and print them directly from the application

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Magazine Cover Creator is a lightweight application that provides you with a fast and simple means of creating a magazine cover in a few steps.

The application is no complex graphics editor so it requires no special installation process or high end system configuration to be able to run it.

Opened, it displays a simple, intuitive interface that is split into two sections. On one side you have what you can call the ‘cover documentation’ and on the other, a preview section where you can see how the cover looks with the added elements.

In the editing side of Magazine Cover Creator, you can enter a custom title for the future cover, as well as the header. You can also enter a custom text that describes the magazine or any other content that you find appropriate for the cover. You do need to be aware that since you can not change the size of the cover template in any way, you also have a limited number of letters that you can use in any of the three fields.

The amount of modifications you can make to the layout of the cover is quite small. You can add an image from your computer and make it your cover photo. To accomplish this, all you have to do is drag the photo into the preview section of the main window and it is automatically inserted and centered. Another thing you can change is the positioning of the descriptive text on the cover but the only choices are left and right. You can also change the colors of all the text content so they blend better with the overall theme of the cover.

It’s a bit disappointing that Magazine Cover Creator doesn’t allow you to reposition the title or the background image but in all fairness, their default places are well thought out. The proportions are well calculated.

Magazine Cover Creator is a good on-the-fly solution if you want to create covers for fun but it can only take you so far.

Magazine Cover Creator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 11th, 2013
Magazine Cover Creator - This is how you can create various magazine covers from the main window of the software.

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