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Create and print crisp ID cards, either from predefined or user-customized layouts, with this easy-to-use and flexible application

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When people identification is involved, in some cases the personal ID does not suffice. In specific work environments each individual is handed out an ID card to keep on himself at all times. These are created in specialized applications, one of which being Magicard ID.

Easy to work with

Featuring a simple design, with sufficient space to create your cards, it can be used by nearly anyone. The current ID you are working on has a fixed position, leaving a lot of the screen unused, with no possibility to move the template around.

Available options are shown in a panel to the right, and in the upper part of the main window you will find navigation arrows that let you scroll through all creations, this being useful because every time you choose to create a new card, the old one is kept safe until you decide to delete it.

Create your own unique card ID

To make the start a little easier, there are several templates to choose from and work on. If you consider they do not suffice, you may always create a custom layout so that no two companies have the same type of ID.

Keep in mind though, that once a new layout is made, all of the previously created cards will be updated to the new design. This means that for every new ID type there should be a different project.

Once you are done, you can simply print them out individually or select the “Batch Print” option, which brings up a small window where all cards are enlisted, and can be selected for printing.

To end with

All in all, Magicard ID is a fast way to provide your company with a new set of ID cards. Choose a picture for each person, write down their details, and hit the “Print” button. It is easy to use and offers the possibility to make endless types of cards.

Magicard ID was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
Magicard ID - Magicard ID allows users to create ID cards and customize them by adding a background colorMagicard ID - The application features a Crop Image function that users can rely on to modify the ID card photoMagicard ID - The built-in Find function can be used to search for partial or complete matches within the created cardsMagicard ID - The application features several predefined card layout options that users can selectMagicard ID - The program allows users to define custom card layout, by discarding unwanted text boxes

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