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Import objects from image, font and other files, fine-tune them or create new ones from scratch in order to cut them using a dedicated machine connected to your computer

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Creating diversity is one of nature's best attributes. However, we also have a keen sense of creativity and have managed to define various forms of art throughout the years using tools from simple ones such as brushes to the most complex machines. Nowadays manufacturing is mostly automated, with machines cutting shapes we define using specialized applications such as Make The Cut!

Suitable for beginners and experts alike

Once you launch the application a friendly interface greets you, with all features cleverly spread out throughout the main window. If you've ever used image editing tools then you have no accommodation problems whatsoever, but it is not a basic rule, because newcomers also feel at home.

Support for various file types

Most of the space is taken up by your canvas where you get to place and thoroughly edit objects. You can import image files of popular formats, as well as items from Basic Shapes, SVG, WPC, GSD, PDF or TTF files.

When it comes to images, you can load one from your hard disk drive or via TWAIN, a pixel trace tool automatically being launched, letting you select objects to import through pixel or color detection methods. What's more, each new imported item is detected as a separate layer group, with the possibility to view all lines and nodes contained, for a careful selection.

Thorough editing tools

On the editing side, imagination is the only limit. You can select each side, line or node you can point your cursor at and drag it around the workspace to determine the new object's shape. Rotation and scaling are also easy to use, a few mouse clicks on the object being enough.

What's more, the application lets you create objects from scratch with the help of drawing tools. These are for simple lines, spirals, shapes, importing sample items or characters from installed fonts on your computer and more. You can also measure shapes to carefully arrange them in your project and even use a cutting tool for polishing or splitting.

In conclusion

All things considered, Make The Cut! Provides more than enough tools with the help of which you can create or define objects and get them ready to be cut with a dedicated machine connected to your computer. It supports files of various formats so you don't feel constrained and uses little to moderate system resources, making it available on multiple configurations.

Make The Cut! was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 7th, 2015
Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!Make The Cut!

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