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A small tool that can be used to create and render 3D models, simple or complex, and exported in .3ds format to be used with more advanced applications

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Mesh Maker Pro is a very light piece of software which enables you to create 3D models and export them as .3ds files without too much hassle. It’s a tool that features basic tools and provides a comprehensive work environment.

Not so user-friendly

Mesh Maker Pro is an application that was designed a considerable number of years ago when ergonomics and tool intuitivity were regarded from different standpoints. The application displays a straightforward interface which takes you only a couple of minutes to fully grasp but its in the way in which the tools are used that makes it rather hard to handle.

The best example would be to activate ‘Rotate All’ which allows you to explore a 3D object on all of its axes, a tool that works well but is very difficult to get a handle in the early stages of using Mesh Maker Pro. It’s way too sensitive and you might find that moving your mouse two millimeters in one direction rotates the shape like it’s in a blender.

The bottom line is that getting used to the controls of the application can take you a while.

A large number of tools and features

Despite its somewhat rigid way of dealing with shapes, the application enables you to quickly generate cubes, spheres, cylinders and planes from a set of custom parameters. This enables you to have a basis for what ever you want to create next, as Mesh Maker Pro allows you to build on top of it.

Nodes and entire elements can be translated, cut or copied and viewed in three different perspectives which should make design much easier. Additionally, they can be rendered as a wireframe, solid, back faced or solid wireframe and you can choose whether you want to view points or not.

A bit complicated but usable

All in all, Mesh Maker Pro might not compare to more recent tools that offer the same possibilities but it requires no installation, takes up very little space and system resources, and most importantly, it enables you to create complex shapes which you can export to .3ds format.

Mesh Maker Pro was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 30th, 2014
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