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Draw basic shapes and forms with this simple application that can be used as a replacement for the Paint program, enabling you to put your imagination to the test

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Programs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: from simple note editors to complicated biological modelers that require teams of scientists to interpret their analysis results. Things are not, however, all doom and gloom in the digital world, as certain small programs successfully combine fun with functionality. Paint Box is just one such little application allowing its users to freeform draw any shape they like.

Draw any shape or form

The application also features several functions allowing users to add perfect circles, squares or equilateral triangles. One can also add background images, modify the border colors, as well as insert irregular forms.

All the graphical elements employed can have their fill colors adjusted and users can also rotate shapes to achieve the best results. The lightweight program also has support for layers, an option that can lead one to build complex drawings, as the application supports more than two layers.

Import images in common formats

Custom shapes can also be inserted – valid format is SHP, and one can also add PNG, JPG or GIF pictures into any drawings, complete with customized positions.

Several settings can be adjusted to customize the overall experience, such as the canvas size and RGB range used. Once satisfied with their drawings, users can export their work to PNG, JPG or GIF formats.

A practical utility for drawing a variety of shapes and geometric figures

In conclusion, Paint Box is a simple tool for anyone passionate about drawing. It allows its users to freeform draw anything, subject only to the limits of one's imagination. The program can also import images or shapes and insert circles, squares or equilateral triangles.

Paint Box was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
Paint Box - The main window allows users to freeform paint any shapes or graphical elements they wishPaint Box - Once satisfied with their work, users can export results to PNG, JPG or GIF formatsPaint Box - With Paint Box, one can adjust the border color, as well as modify the background image usedPaint Box - screenshot #4Paint Box - screenshot #5Paint Box - screenshot #6

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