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A complex application tailored for helping you create, edit and manage photo albums, and also for enabling you to view image files as slideshows

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Phota is an advanced piece of software designed to help you create, manage and display photo albums in many interactive ways.

Artistic interface

Phota comes with a unique type of interface, that implies from the first look the fact that it is an artistic and visually attractive application.

Although it has great aesthetics, the interface shows some minor flaws when trying to minimize or maximize the window.

When you exit the full screen mode, the application automatically resizes to very low dimensions, instead of retaining the size and position from last time. The menu keys are also hidden, until restored.

Interactive slideshows

You can create various artistic slideshows with Phota, using the multitude of available options.

You can add audio and video files to your slideshows, allowing you to create complex artistic sequences, which can then be captured to video.

The gallery feature of Phota allows you to take a virtual 3D tour inside various gallery rooms, where you can view your own photos along the walls.

This function can be automated, allowing you to view your albums through an interactive 3D perspective.

Another interesting feature of the gallery function is that it can be used as a screensaver for your computer.

Creating attractive photo albums and pages

If you own a digital camera, Phota allows you to quickly create and upload interactive photo albums from your camera.

An useful feature of Phota is the ability to add multiple image files at once, making the whole process a lot easier.

You can also build and format album pages for your photos, in order to present your albums in an attractive mode.


Phota is a powerful and handy tool designed to help you quickly and easily archive your image files from your digital camera into artistic photo albums. It is also an ingenuous tool for displaying your picture files as interactive slideshows.

Phota was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
Phota - The application enables you to view entire albums of image files as slideshows.Phota - From the File menu, you can open an album of photos and then save it, after it has been modified.Phota - You can modify an album by loading or removing photos and also by adding pages.PhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhotaPhota

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