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A comprehensive image editing tool that offers you numerous photo filters, capturing video with the WebCam, creating a Slide Show, or 3D Images

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PicMaster is an easy to use and reliable application that offers you multiple tools for digital image editing, video capture or 3D model creating. The software also enables you to capture frames from a digital camera recording or batch process images.

Advanced tools for image editing

The software enables you to edit photos individually or create a set of modifications and apply them to a batch of images. PicMaster comes with several batch processes presets, but you can modify them or create new ones at any time. The application features multiple selection tools, drawing brushes and photo filters.

Additionally, you may use the clone instrument to copy one area of the photo in a different place, on the same canvas. Other drawing tools include the color picker or red eye remover. Any changes you apply to one photo may easily be applied to multiple images. Moreover, you can record a voice-over comment and explain the changes you performed.

Create slideshow and capture video stream

The software supports recordings from the digital video camera, as well as from the webcam. Not only does it act as a recording assistant, but it also enables you to extract frames from a video and save them as images.

Additionally, you may create extensive slideshows, with multiple photos and background music. Simply create a catalog and add all the photos you wish to include in the sequence, then set options regarding photo resizing, output format or audio-video quality.

You may also modify photos by morphing their shapes or outer lines. Thus, a special selection is required: you need to select the object you wish to morph using the anchor points tool. The anchor points are specifically placed dots that you can drag in or out in order to adjust the shape of the object. You can apply photo morphing or warping.

Easily creating 3D models

PicMaster is also a reliable software for creating 3D models, shapes, images or meshes. Designing 3D images implies that you overlay two pictures, each created especially so that they can be perceived by the right or the left eye individually. Thus, the software allows you to configure these two components, from a single source image.

Alternatively, you may create 3D meshes, which are animated objects, made of the outer lines of a shape. You can set the speed of the animation, the coordinates of the movement, as well as the specific options for each component.


PicMaster is a comprehensive graphic editor, that allows you not only to modify images, but to also create 3D objects, pictures and slideshows. It is a useful tool in capturing video from a recording device or retrieving photos from a scanner, as well as preparing a picture to be printed. You may apply photo morphing, mosaic or several other photo filters.

PicMaster was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 29th, 2014
PicMaster - PicMaster is a powerful and easy to use picture manager and editor, that enables you to retouch images.PicMaster - You may use PicMaster to batch modify photos, meaning you can set changes for one picture, then apply it to the rest.PicMaster - The software also allows you to capture frames from a movie and save them as image formats on your computer.PicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMasterPicMaster

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