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An interactive teaching program that helps children learn to create different graph types (bar, pie, block) while offering support for an extensive library of user-friendly pictures

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Pictogram is a software application built specifically for helping children represent data with the aid of different types of charts. The tool allows them to interactively and intuitively drag pictures onto stacks and display them vertically or horizontally.

Intuitive working environment

You are welcomed by a colorful layout which embeds suggestive icons. To make the user interface friendly and interactive, the tool offers support for a parrot, called Peedy (which is set by default). The actor points out extra information about the graphs and gives useful tips.

You can make the tool show or hide the actor, or change it with another one by selecting from several preset options.

Main features

Pictogram gives you the possibility to choose between different sets of pictures that can be used for creating a new pictogram, namely Books, Buildings, Cars, Colors, Directions, Family, Eye Colors, Materials, Houses, Feelings, and others.

You can add pictures to the working space by either clicking on the “Plus” button next to the photo or drag the item into the main panel. By default, the tool lets you insert up to ten items in each row or column, and you can manually change this value.

What’s more, you are allowed to remove pictures and switch to a block chart (where you need to replace the pictures with abstract colored blocks), as well as create bar and pie charts.

You may print the charts or copy them to the clipboard (so you can easily paste them into other third-party tools), change the font and size of the text used in the charts, configure the maximum number of items that are displayed in the charts, save the settings as the default ones, as well as add your own photos by simply creating a new folder in Picture Groups with the name you wish to give to the group and adding custom items (BMP, JPEG, WMF, EMF, and GIF file format).

Bottom line

All in all, Pictogram comes bundled with a decent feature pack for teaching children how to create different graph types (bar, pie, block).

Pictogram was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 26th, 2014
Pictogram - Chart tab window of Pictogram software where you will be able to select from options like Multi-picture pictogram, Single Picture Pictogram, Block Chart, Bar or Pie Chart.Pictogram - To create a new chart you must select an item from the Picture Groups list of New Chart menu that you want to use.Pictogram - The Options window where you will be able to adjust the Chart settings or adjust the Actor settings.

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