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A handy and reliable tool for organizing your digital photos in a simple and hassle free manner through the use of a comprehensive interface

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Picture Manager is a lightweight application created to help you sort and manage image files from your computer.

It provides you with a simple means of renaming and transferring files to a different location on your computer. The application displays a user-friendly interface that is focused on being straightforward and accessible to users of all kinds.

Since it’s a file manager, the application provides you with a simple means of browsing the folders on your computer in search for the images. The content of a selected folder is displayed in a designated area in the main window in list form and you can preview the images by simply clicking on them.

Picture Manager filters content and only displays files that are in image formats. For any selected folder, you can choose to view only JPEG, TIFF or a type you manually insert. This proves to be very helpful when you’re dealing with large, messy folders.

Before moving the images to the destination folder you set, you can rename the files by adding a unique prefix or suffix to their name. To avoid any restrictions, the application also provides you with a setting that once active, automatically switches off the read-only attribute of the files.

You can move single files, or multiple selections at a time with ease and you can also switch between the source and target folders to make sure everything is in order. With Picture Manager, you can set to simply copy a file or move it to the destination folder in case you want to reorganize your photo collections.

One thing that Picture Manager doesn't do is allow you to zoom in on the images. The provided preview window has a decent size but in some cases you find that it’s not enough.

In closing, Picture Manager is a pretty handy application that can easily help you sort and manage your images and photos but in some cases you will find that its use is limited.

Picture Manager was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 29th, 2013
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