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Extract the color palette from any image and get hex, RGB, HSB and HSL information on any color using this small and portable app with extensive file type support

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Pictures to Color is a tiny and portable piece of software that helps you extract colors from pictures and find out their RGB, HSB, HSL and hex codes, in order to use them in personal projects, such as website development or graphics editing.

Portability advantages

As there is no setup pack included, you can drop the EXE file in any part of the disk and just click it to launch the app. There is also the possibility to save Pictures to Color to a USB flash drive or other removable storage unit, in order to use it on any PC effortlessly and without previous installers.

An important aspect worth taking into account is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, so no traces are left behind on the disk after its removal.

Clear-cut interface and options

The supported image file types are numerous, and these include JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, PSD and RAW photos. These can be located and opened using either the file browser or drag-and-drop feature.

Examine the color palette and easily obtain info

Once the photo is opened, Pictures to Color loads its corresponding color palette. You can preview the original image in a small embedded frame, and select any color from the palette to get its HEX, RGB, HSB and HSL values.

In addition, it is possible to export the entire color palette to an HTML file for closer examination, as well as to make the frame stay on top of other windows.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any issues in our tests, since Pictures to Color did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a very good response time and consumes low CPU and RAM, so it does not hog system resources.

The app's functionality is different than the one of a eye dropper. While the latter lets you easily click on any color from an image, this type of application gives you the possibility of getting an overview on everything. It is definitely helpful for those who frequently work with graphics files.

Pictures to Color was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Pictures to Color - This is the main window of the application where you can extract the color pallete of any imagePictures to Color - This is the way you will be able to copy a certain color value in the format you needPictures to Color - This is the way Pictures to Color will allow users to save their palletes as HTML files

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