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A user-friendly software utility that can be used to repair stuck pixels in the background, without affecting the performance of the PC

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When you buy a new LCD monitor, one of its perks is the great way it displays colors - this is why then a pixel gets stuck or dead, it becomes quite visible as it affects the overall movie or gaming experience. If the pixel in question is dead, there is hardly anything you can do, but if it is stuck, you can rely on dedicated applications, such as PixelRepairer.

The utility does not need to be installed on the destination computer, so you can carry it on your USB device, and run it on your friend’s PC within seconds.

If there is more than one screen connected to the computer, you will need to specify which monitor you want to process.

Next, you can select the pattern you want to use in order to locate the pixel that needs to be un-stuck. There are several types of patterns: on the one hand, there are the solid colors ones, which display a single color on the entire screen; on the other hand, there are the checkboard and the lines ones.

Once you located the pixel, you can start repairing it by creating a square filled with a solid color or noise that you can move to the location you select. You can also create several such squares, with the size and noise frequency you prefer.

All in all, you can give PixelRepairer a try and see if it can fix your stuck pixels, by alternating between its repair modes. Keep in mind that sometimes, multiple attempts are required so you need to be patient and keep trying - if however, there is no result, you might start considering the idea that you probably should buy a new monitor.

PixelRepairer was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 25th, 2013
PixelRepairer - This is the main window of PixelRepairer, where you can view a list of patterns that you can enable.PixelRepairer - You will be able to add items to the repairers list and configure the repairer.PixelRepairer - From this section of PixelRepairer, you can set the program to run in the system tray.

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