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Design and print personalized business cards, labels, envelopes, name badges, signs and much more, with this comprehensive piece of software

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Print Designer GOLD is a complex application that allows you to create customized designs for business cards, labels, signs, CD/DVD labels, name cards, envelopes and various other objects.

It offers a wide array of templates, enabling you to create new content quickly, offers support for linked databases and numerous editing tools.

Choose from a large amount of built-in layouts and templates

When starting a new project, you can choose from a list of commonly used layouts, suitable for various jobs or paper sizes. The application displays a preview of how the design would look, as well as the cut and fold lines.

Additionally, it is possible to create a non-standard layout that is suitable for other paper sizes.

Once you have selected or created a layout, you can choose from a sizable database of templates. These are organized depending on their suitability for various tasks.

Add new objects and linked pictures

Print Designer GOLD enables you to edit the loaded template in various ways. You can insert pictures, text, various types of barcodes, counters, lines, predefined shapes or custom objects.

Moreover, it is possible to use the Linked Pictures function to insert image information into your design. Only the file name is stored in your project, allowing you to add different graphic objects on each printed label or card.

Link objects to databases

Print Designer GOLD offers support for multiple types of databases, including Excel, Access, CSV, Paradox and many others.

You can link certain items in your project to a database, enabling you to, for example, print large numbers of cards or badges, each using a separate record from the connected database.

Overall, Print Designer GOLD is a complex and useful tool, designed to help you create and print various types of content and is especially suitable for large printing jobs. However, it does feature a slightly outdated interface that would greatly benefit from being modernized.

Print Designer GOLD was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
Print Designer GOLD - The program helps you easily create print layouts of business cards, invitations and other types of printed documents.Print Designer GOLD - The File menu provides you with various settings, such as printer setup and save options.Print Designer GOLD - By accessing the Edit menu, you can link and unlink information from databases.Print Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLDPrint Designer GOLD

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