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A time saving, screen capture application that allows you to automate all its functions, leaving you worry only about what you should capture from your desktop

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Screen capture applications come in handy in different situations. They may be used to capture anything on your screen in any given time for later editing, and sharing. Print Screen is just one of the many of its kind you can use for this job.

Time saving with full automation

A particular specialty of the application is that it can, besides the button pressing which remains your job, automate just about everything it has to offer. If you have an available printer, it is possible to to skip the whole editing, and printing setup, with the “Auto print” option which makes your capture be seconds away from lying on a piece of paper.

Some other auto options include “Auto invert”, and “Auto Gray Scale” for a little image editing. Needless to mention that more basic functions, like saving the picture can also be automated.

In other words, the only thing you need to worry about is what hotkey to assign to the capture function, or use the default one, which is your keyboard's “Print Screen” button.

Simple and straight to the point

We might say that there could have been no better suitable name for the application. It is meant to make capturing easier, for instance, not having to switch windows to view or edit the result, interrupting your work, but just saving everything for later use. You can choose to capture everything that is on screen, or just something of interest with the “Active Window” option.

Files can be saved in all of the most common image formats to make them accessible later on for various other applications.

In conclusion

Print Screen's simple features, and full automation make it shine especially in those situations where even a second counts. It can prove to be a helpful partner for software testing, allowing the capture of a specific window, game administration, or simply sharing things of interest from your desktop.

Print Screen was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 29th, 2014
Print Screen - The Options menu allows users to choose the capture type as Full Screen or Active Window.Print Screen - In the Preferences window you will be able to choose a hot key for your screen capture.

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