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A simple and efficient program that can easily read, write and edit many input and output file formats, in just a few swift moves

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RegiStax is an advanced and reliable software solution whose main purpose is to provide you with the proper tools for sequence processing operations, supporting a variety of file formats.

The program is fairly simple to work with, and following an uneventful installation procedure, you can launch it from the desktop icon that it creates. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it quite easy to handle, even for less experienced users, despite being aimed at those with some previous knowledge.

The 'Select' button allows you to load the files you wish to work with, be it AVI, MPG, MPEG, BMP, JPG, SER or PNG. Depending on the chosen format, RegiStax lets you perform various operations. You can 'Reset Wavelets' to preferred values, as well as 'Denoise' or 'Sharpen' the pictures to enhance their appearance.

Moreover, you can 'Flip and Rotate' the photo, 'Resize Image', set the 'Cropping Area', perform 'Color Mixing', 'View Stacksize' or 'RGB Balance' as well as 'Show Linegraph'.

In the case of videos, you can 'Show Prefilters' and customize the 'Blur (Radius)', 'Smooth', 'Gamma', 'Stretch', 'Negative' or 'Normalize'. Also, you can choose the preferred 'Debayer' method or 'Show Framelist', enabling you to view each individual frame and make the proper adjustments, if required,

The utility lets you adjust the 'Contrast' and 'Brightness' levels, 'Create Darkframe' or 'Create Flatfield'. You can also 'Set Alignpoints' manually or automatically, then align them with just one push of a button. RegiStax features a 'Macro/Batch Window' that helps you apply the same effects and adjustments to multiple files at the same time, saving you significant effort in the process.

RegiStax is a complex and efficient application that features a wide range of tools and functions meant to simplify your work and enable you to obtain quick results with a minimum amount of effort.

RegiStax was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 23rd, 2014
RegiStax - The main window of RegiStax allows you to read / write many input / output file-formatsRegiStax - You have the possibility to load darkframes, create new ones and load reference framesRegiStax - From the Settings menu you are able to configure various options such as Luminance settings, layouts etc.

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