Smart-Cam CMM230.107.8

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Multifunction on-screen measurement software





Smart-Cam CMM is multifunction on-screen measurement software. It is capable of manually and automatically making dimensional, angular, and radial measurements in either English or Metric systems of measurement. Image data can be acquired from a live video input device (or PC Cam), an ordinary digital camera, or an image file stored on hard disk or other media.

Smart-Cam CMM converts any video camera, digital camera, web-cam, scanner, or other video capture device into a powerful Windows-based “smart camera” capable of making measurements.

Furthermore, you can use this application to perform measurements that would be very hard to complete using conventional methods, including large or distant objects.
Last updated on January 21st, 2010
Smart-Cam CMM - This is the main window of Smart-Cam CMM where you can load the image you are interested inSmart-Cam CMM - This is the way you will have the possibility to choose the calibration method you want to applySmart-Cam CMM - This window is the place where you will be able to change the background and the foreground colors of Smart-Cam CMM

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