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An easy to use application especially created to provide users with a fun means of expressing creativity by painting on a canvas

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Taking an occasional break from work to unwind by making a funny sketch or giving your kids a virtual toy to keep them amused onto the home PC are quite common activities and there are numerous utilities tailored for such intentions.

Insofar as the latest releases of Microsoft's proprietary operating system are concerned, the new and modern apps that can be found in the Windows store have a lot to offer. In case you are looking for a simple tool for making a quick painting or other kind of drawing, Social Draw can be a possible choice.

Simple and clean interface with a generous canvas

At first glance, this utility is very easy to use and this impression will soon be confirmed if you spend a minute or two with it. Social Draw offers a lot of room for painting and a handful of tools to use for this purpose.

Everything is at hand, so with only one click you can pick the desired painting instrument, while the drop-down menus in the upper part of the GUI contain a vast array of colors for lines and object filling as well.

Choose a tool and a couple of colors to make an original image

This program is equipped with only a few basic utilities that you can use to draw or write on the large canvas. Thus, the pencil is one possible choice and it is useful for freehand drawing, there is also a tool for straight lines and two preset shapes, an ellipse and a rectangle.

The impressive amount of colors that are at your disposal from the line and fill color menus are perhaps the main asset of Social Draw. Another useful helper is the stroke thickness adjustment, with values ranging from 1 to 20.

A basic painting application for Windows 8 users

To sum things up, one thing is certain concerning this software solution, namely that it is very easy to use and thus suited for users of all ages and with any level of experience. At this time Social Draw lacks more tools and shapes to become a favorite for those seeking for a more complete drawing utility.

Social Draw was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
Social Draw - This is how SocialDraw on Facebook can look like once you install it and start drawing.

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