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A software utility that enables you to split JPG images into multiple files, as well as choose the desired output folder and quality level

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Although photographs are usually made be enjoyed as a whole, taking into consideration the fact that they aim to capture a certain landscape or event, they can also be just abstract creations, which do not necessarily require you to have an overall picture of them. Hence, in order to make them easier to transfer on the Internet, you can slice them into multiple bits.

Split JPG images into separate files

Split JPG Into Multiple JPG Files Software is an application designed to help you cut and split pictures into separate instances, by slicing them into multiple files and saving them on your computer. Although the procedure sounds like it might require manual intervention when it comes to choosing the dimensions of the resulting images, the utility actually calculates them automatically by employing a customizable grid system.

Hence, depending on how many pieces you want to obtain, you can enter the desired number of rows and columns to split the image into. By doing so, the photo is automatically sliced into equal areas and cut according to your specifications. The resulting images share the same JPG format and they are saved into the desired folder on your computer.

Change the image quality level

In case you want the operation to have an even deeper impact on the overall size of the output files, you can also adjust the JPG quality level to suit your needs and further reduce the space requirements. The quality adjustment is easily achievable, since all you need to do in order to modify it is enter a new value in the designated field, using values from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible level.

The functionality of the application is extended even more by the fact that you are able to process multiple files at once. Thus, you can load any number of images into the list and start the operation as you would with a single picture, although you need to make sure that you are able to properly sort the resulting files, since their number can rapidly get out of control. In addition, the pictures are renamed using a predefined pattern delivered with the utility, which removes the possibility of having multiple instances of the same file.

A quick and thorough JPG splitter

As far as image splitting goes, Split JPG Into Multiple JPG Files Software hits all the right spots, since it enables you to have complete control over the process. Hence, from the number of output images, all the way to the preferred output quality, you can easily adjust every detail about the output result.

Split JPG Into Multiple JPG Files Software was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Split JPG Into Multiple JPG Files Software - You can load the desired JPG images and set the output quality in the main window of the application.