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Split any image into rectangular parts and export the resulting images along with a html table.





Splitz is an application designed to help you split a selected picture into different segments. Then you can export the resulting images along with the HTML table that puts them back together. This allows webmaster to create for creating mouseover effects and offers an alternative to imagemaps. It supports many images formats and includes smart JPEG compression as well as basic color balancing filters.

Splitz! is really easy to use. Open an image by selecting "Open" from the "File" menu. Now, you can use the mouse to define the cells. Left-clicking the image will bring up a cut line where you clicked, right-clicking switches between horizontal and vertical lines. You can also switch between horizontal and vertical lines by using the buttons above the image.

The third button with the rectangle glyph allows you to create a rectangular cell, 4 cut lines will be automatically added. To edit the cut lines, move your mouse over the desired line. When the cursor changes, you can drag the line by holding the left mouse-button. To remove a line, simple drag it outside of the image. To remove all split lines, select "Clear Splits" from the "Tools" menu.

If JPEG is selected as output format, you can adjust the compression level by clicking on the "JPEG" compression tab and using the slider at the bottom of the page. When you change compression, the right-hand image will show you a preview of the whole compressed image. Finally, when you're done, select "Export" from the "File" menu to save the slices along with the HTML table.
Last updated on November 26th, 2011
Splitz! - This is the main screen of Splitz, from where you can add vertical or horizontal splitlines in your picture.Splitz! - The Tools menu enables you to adjust the colors, add or clear splitlines and access the Options of the application.Splitz! - Splitz offers you the possibility to select from four different output formats: jpg, bmp, tif and png.Splitz! - The JPEG Compression tab enables you to set the level of compression and quality while previewing the picture.Splitz!

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