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Universal vector graphics translator for your everyday conversion needs from one particular format to another in the least possible timeframe

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UniConvertor comes in very handy for digital artists as its one and only goal is to convert one graphics format to another using its own import and export filters.

Vector graphics are preferred to the raster images by anyone that knows the difference between them. While vector graphics use geometry in order to draw images, thus the lossless quality of their elements even when zooming in or out, raster images are made of pixels and this just can’t help when zooming intervenes.

First things first, UniConvertor, although a graphics handling application, does not present a graphical user interface and while this may seem as a surprise, the fact is that it does not require rocket science in order to be operated. If you really want to use it, you must learn its syntax, that is all.

Also used in the Inkscape as well as the Scribus projects as the tool for importing CorelDraw graphics files, UniConvertor provides you with a respectable array of both import and export filters. In fact, this is the “pièce de résistance” of this particular piece of software with ten import filters and eight export ones.

Among the most popular formats, UniConvertor can work with CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, PostScript, Windows Metafile or Scalable Vector Graphics and output almost the same formats except for the CorelDraw and Acorn Draw. Thus, you can convert CDR, CDT, CCX, CDRX, CMX, AI, PS, EPS, CGM, WMF, XFIG, SK, SK1 and AFF format files amongst them.

All in all, UniConvertor is a great tool to have within your graphics application arsenal. Its features and capabilities transcend the need of a GUI and that is quite impressive. On its own, UniConvertor can prove to be irreplaceable as long as you try to use only open-source and free-of-charge software in order to satisfy your artistic needs.

UniConvertor was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 20th, 2013

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