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A simple and useful application that enables you to find archive files, unpack them, then extract images contained within the compressed documents

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Unpack Photo Archives is a lightweight and useful application capable of batch processing archive files, in order to identify and extract image files. It safely unpacks your archives and acquires the photos contained within, without loss of quality.

Quick process

The software enables you to browse through the specified folder and find archive files. It can read the common types of compressed files, ZIP or RAR and display them in the waiting list. You can set up searching filters so that only the selected archive format files are displayed.

Once it detects the supported files, the software displays them, so that you can mark which one is ready for unpacking.

Powerful algorithms

Unpack Photo Archives features advanced extraction algorithms that enable it to scan the archive file and extract only the images from it. This way you do not need to unpack the archive in advance, all the pictures can be found in the output folder.

The software can perform certain automatic functions, such as renaming photos or deletion of unwanted files. Extracted photos can be automatically renamed, before being saved to the destination, while unnecessary files, other that images, can be deleted when the process is finished.

Photo validation

Unpack Photo Archives is capable of extracting images from archive files without altering their attributes or reducing their quality. With three different levels of file validation, it can perform a thorough evaluation of the images’ qualities. Thus, it checks if the extracted photo exists, if the actual size matches the uncompressed one and if it loads with GDI+.

Furthermore, you can select which photo formats the software should extract from an archive. It supports the popular photo types, such as BMP, TIFF, JPEG and PNG, but you may specify additional image formats and Unpack Photo Archives can include them in the process.


Unpack Photo Archives can ease the process of searching for photos through old, compressed files, archives with confusing names or numerous downloaded email attachments. It can automatically find archive files in the source folder or drive, separate the images from other types of files, them extract all pictures contained in the compressed document.

Unpack Photo Archives was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on December 3rd, 2014
Unpack Photo Archives - Unpack Photo Archives is a simple application designed to help you extract images from an archive file.Unpack Photo Archives - You can scan the source folder in order to find archive files then let the application batch unpack them.Unpack Photo Archives - You can filter the search performed by the application, so that it only displays a specific type of archives.Unpack Photo ArchivesUnpack Photo ArchivesUnpack Photo Archives