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A straightforward and easy to use application that allows you to seamlessly decorate your photographs with various border frames

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Photo frames can spice up a picture, as they add diversity and color to it. Photo Framer is a handy tool built on these premises, as it allows you to decorate your pictures with colorful border frames, suited for any occasion.

The application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer, which also comes bundled with the setup pack.

Simplistic photo framer

The program helps you insert border frames into your photos, thus enhancing the way they look. All you have to do is to select the JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG image you want to insert frames into, then pick an appropriate border for it. Saving pictures under a different format than the original helps you quickly convert your photos.

Furthermore, you can print any of the photos that you added frames. This helps you quickly create personalized gift cards fit for any occasion, ranging from birthdays to “Thank you” ones.

Varied frame selection

Photo Framer provides you with simple means of adding frames to your photos, then saving or printing them. You can choose between various themes and motifs, them apply the one you prefer to your picture. The application lets you see how would your output photo would look like, by displaying a preview panel.

As the panel refreshes every time you add a new frame, you can quickly browse all of them and see which one better suits your photo.

A fast, yet unrefined photo enhancer

To conclude, Photo Framer can help you enhance your photos by framing them with various themes and motifs, being the ideal tool for creating gift cards. As the application is still in its early stage, it lacks several small, yet essential features, such as a way to update the frames it contains and download new ones. Such options can be added later on during development.

Photo Framer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Photo Framer - Photo Framer allows you to decorate your photos with border frames, each one representing a certain theme.

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