Voralent Antelope

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A simple and intuitive application which you can use to optimize your favorite pictures, enabling them to occupy less space without sacrificing their quality

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Voralent Antelope is a lightweight and quite user-friendly software solution meant to provide you with the ability of compressing your favorite photos, so as to take up less disk space, yet without causing significant losses in quality.

Intuitive and straightforward looks

The application’s interface is very simple to handle, its usage consisting of drag and dropping the source files onto the main window, in order to prepare them for optimization.

From a side menu, you can customize the entire operation, in order to obtain the results you are after, without too much effort entailed for you.

Drag and drop your images then optimize them with just one click

Voralent Antelope supports batch processes, thus enabling you to add multiple items simultaneously, either by drag and dropping the files at once or by adding an entire picture directory into its main window.

The images’ type, original size and full path are displayed, while subsequent to the optimization procedure, you will also be able to learn each one’s ‘New Size’, ‘Delta’ value, as well as the ‘Decrease’ percentage.

The side menu enables you to set the ‘JPEG Options’ and the ‘PNG Option’, the former allowing you to apply ‘Auto Progressive Convert’, ‘Remove Exif Data’ or use a ‘Lossy Mode (More Compression Boost)’. The latter lets you decide the ‘Optimization Factor’ by means of a slider.

Due to the fact that photos are automatically exported to the same location and overwrite the originals, you should make sure you check the ‘Backup Original File’ box in the settings section, or create copies of the files prior to processing them through Voralent Antelope.

A handy picture size reducer

To conclude, Voralent Antelope is an efficient and reliable program that can successfully assist you in optimizing your PNG and JPG images, by slightly shrinking their size without having a major impact on their quality.

Voralent Antelope was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Voralent Antelope - The main window of Voralent Antelope lets you add your pictures by drag and dropping themVoralent Antelope - From the side menu, you can adjust the JPEG and PNG optimization preferencesVoralent Antelope - Simply by double clicking on a picture, the application enables you to view it without resorting to additional software

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