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An intuitive and user-friendly application that can optimize your picture collection for a decrease in size without tampering with quality

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Romeolight PNGmicro is a lightweight application that was designed with the purpose of dialing down the impact of your photos by reducing their size. The process is carried out without significant losses in quality.

Romeolight PNGmicro can also play an important role in photo transfers – images that are smaller in size are shared faster, be it by email or a third-party Internet service. As its name implies, it can only work with PNG images.

A modern interface

The program is wrapped up in a stylish and intuitive interface that is home to a few minimalistic controls. Photos can be added by drag and drop only, but the downside is that there’s no possibility to remove images individually. There is a command that allows users to clear the queue altogether, but this is a rather uncomfortable approach.

The photos are displayed in a list, where their name, current size and path is listed, alongside fields for the output size and status, but these two are filled in after or during the actual optimization process.

Choosing the optimization level

Romeolight PNGmicro allows users to choose the way photos will be optimized through a slider that has two limits, namely slow and fast; the faster the process, the stronger the compression, in which case the output quality might be severely altered. However, before initiating the resizing operation, you can create a backup of the original files, through the dedicated feature.

Depending on the number of photos in the queue, the optimization might take a while, but on the upside, the impact on system resources is minimal. Once the operation is done, you will be able to view the size of the optimized photos in the main window, next to the shrinking percentage afferent to each photo.

Final thoughts

Romeolight PNGmicro can be a good asset if you want to gain more space on your computer and are willing to give up on the original quality of your picture collection. On the other hand, the losses may not be noticeable if you choose a low compression level.

Romeolight PNGmicro was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 28th, 2015
Romeolight PNGmicro - The application's main window displays a list with all of the PNG images that have been selected for processingRomeolight PNGmicro - The Settings menu allows users to easily modify the compression factor and the lossy compression levelRomeolight PNGmicro - Romeolight PNGmicro comes with an integrated image viewer, allowing users to preview their photos before processing them

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