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A straightforward and comprehensible software application designed for helping you quickly decompile or convert DNG files with ease






dcpTool is a command line utility for processing DNG Camera Profiles (.dcp files). DCP files are an open standard for defining the color rendition of digital cameras, and are used by various Adobe products including Lightroom and Photoshop/Camera Raw.

dcpTool is a tool for editing DNG camera profiles (DCP files). dcpTool can convert DCP files to and from binary form to an editable XML form, and can also directly do a number of useful transformations to DCP files such as "untwisting" them.

In order to be able to use dcpTool, you must be comfortable with using command line utilities on your PC.

In addition, if you want to make edits to a profile, you must be comfortable with XML, and understand the Adobe DNG specification in detail.

By using dcpTool, you can easily modify your DNG camera profiles by converting them to an editable XML format file.
Last updated on May 5th, 2014
dcpTool - You can access dcpTool's features by using the command line options.

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