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A lightweight utility that enables you to view the EXIF information of JPG image files, including the GPS coordinates, and export it to an XML document

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As you might be aware, today's digital cameras are able to save a wide array of information when they capture the photos, which are attached to the image for future reference. These characteristics come in the form of EXIF data, which holds details about the camera model, location, as well as the exact time and date the pictures were taken.

View the EXIF information of your photos

exif2xml is an application that enables you to view this data in a convenient table form, making it much easier to read and sort through. The columns are split into field name and the actual information for every attribute, such as filename, the date of the last modification, camera model and even the GPS coordinates.

In addition, you can also see if any software was used to alter the images, as well as a multitude of data concerning the graphical properties of the photos, such as exposure time, resolution, compression and the number of bits per sample. These are, however, dependent on the camera capabilities, so not every picture contains the same amount of information.

Export the data to an XML document

The other important function that is part of the application is its ability to export all the EXIF data to an XML document, which can be easily used into your other applications, or even printed on paper. The XML schema makes the information much easier to use on a website and simpler to introduce into a database.

As far as the actual interaction with the utility, exif2xml does not require any advanced skills when it comes to making full use of its features. To add a JPG file and view its EXIF data, all you need to do is drag-and-drop it into the main window of the application. The XML extraction is just as simple, since all it takes is a press of a button.

A simple and effective EXIF extractor

Despite the fact that the utility does not strike as a particularly refined piece of software, exif2xml is actually very well polished when it comes to functionality. Thus, although the number of features is small, they all work accordingly, while the slim build allows it to stay very low on system resources.

exif2xml was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
exif2xml - You can drag-and-drop the desired JPG file into the main window of the application, as well as view its EXIF data.

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