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An intuitive, lightweight application that enables you to resize, rename and add a text watermark to batches of images at the same time

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g Image Resizer is a simple to use application designed to help you easily manipulate a multitude of pictures at the same time. The software can batch resize and rename the supported files, as well as to apply a text watermark on the image. Simply load the desired source folder and mention the destination, then let the software quickly process the images.

Lightweight application for batch image resizing

g Image Resizer is easy to use and comes in handy when you need to resize a large number of photos in a short time. The software can process the images automatically, without displaying them in its interface, which makes the process all the more faster. Simply select the source and destination folders, then let the software select the supported input files.

g Image Resizer does not recognize RAW images, but it can handle multiple types of rasterized photo formats, including JPG, BMP, ICO or GIF. The resizing process is fast and does not compromise the quality of the photos. You may enter the desired values for the width and height of the resulting images, but you may also maintain the photo ratio.

Additional photo manipulation

Aside from resizing, the software can also rename the images, so you can avoid overwriting the original files, if saving the output in the source folder. You cannot change the files’ entire name, but you may add a prefix and a suffix to the original name.

Moreover, you may add a text watermark on the image, with a custom message. The font style, size and color are adjustable and you may set the position of the stamp as well. For instance, the default position of the watermark is 20 pixels from the top and 20 from the left margin.

Simple software that can resize images in a short time

With g Image Resizer, the process of photo manipulation is quick and the user intervention is minimal. The software can select only the supported files, from the indicated source folder and process them in a fast way. You may add a suffix and prefix to the file name, as well as place a text watermark on the image.

g Image Resizer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
g Image Resizer - g Image Resizer is a simple to use application that enables you to batch resize, rename and place a watermark on pictures.

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