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Using this straightforward application you can open images and PDF files, then select an area of them so you can extract their text

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gImageReader is an intuitive front-end for the popular tesseract OCR resource. It features a very simple GUI based on several buttons. Users will find the tool highly valuable, as it allows one full and intuitive access to one of the most powerful OCR applications available.

The tool integrates well with tesseract and allows one to process documents in a user-friendly environment

One of the great features is the seamless integration with the main resource. Anyone used to tesseract will find that gImageReader preserves all the core functions of the OCR software. More-so, the tool strikes a good balance between functionality and accessibility, as new users will find it incredibly easy to start processing documents.

In essence, anyone who has used in tesseract in the past will benefit from this tool. Therefore, it can be highly valuable for streamlining users' experience when accurate OCR tasks are required. Users who are new to tesseract are highly recommended to employ this graphical frontend.

Rotating pages is supported, as is zooming in or out

The program allows several operations on the source documents. These include rotating views by 90 degrees, zooming in or out, as well as modifying basic image controls. Adjusting the brightness and contrast is a great addition, as is the resolution modifier, which can be employed to improve the visibility of some files.

gImageReader integrates very well with tesseract and processing documents is performed with a simple click on the “Recognize all English” topside button. The output text is dumped in a small panel beside the source document and users are free to perform adjustments, as well as to double check the process.

The software complements the core tool and makes OCR processing a very intuitive and pleasant task

Summing up, gImageReader is a simple GUI front for the popular tesseract utility, which does not remove any of the power of the main application.

gImageReader was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 2nd, 2015
gImageReader - gImageReader enables you to open pictures and PDF files and extract the text from them.gImageReader - Using the application you can capture screenshots of your desktop or select from previously opened files.gImageReader - The application allows you to select the area of an image that contains text so you can extract it.gImageReadergImageReader

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