Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit

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A feature-packed software solution that provides users with the proper tools needed to develop image or video effects and filters

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When it comes to developing applications, there are numerous programming languages that can be used, so that anyone can choose the one they are most familiarized with. When it comes to graphic plugins, it all gets more complicated as these are typically hardware-dependent (be it GPU, CPU or Flash architectures) so those who want to create image or video plugins that can be used on any type of hardware can rely Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit.

This software solution includes documentation about the Pixel Bender kernel language so that even those who are not accustomed to it can easily learn about it and start developing plugins. Additionally, users can experiment with the sample filters until they understand exactly how they were created and how they work.

Due to the limited number of tools provided within the application, even beginner developers will be able to come up with complex image-processing algorithms as no previous knowledge in multithreading APIs is required.

The created filters are compatible with various Adobe applications, including After Effects, Flash Player and Photoshop, and there is also the possibility to migrate the plugins from one app to another.

The actual development process takes place in the provided IDE (integrated development environment) where one can test their created filters and fix them when needed. Each filter can be run in all three compatible architectures (CPU, GPU and Flash) thus making sure no issues will occur when the plugin is run by potential clients.

Furthermore, users can combine several filters and come up with graphs which result in more complex actions and functions.

In a nutshell, Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit is the right tool for all developers who value their customers and want to provide them with plugins that would function on any PC, regardless of its architecture type.

Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 12th, 2013
Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit - The main window of Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit enables users to select the image they want to enhanceAdobe Pixel Bender Toolkit - Depending on the type of filter they designed, users can test its functionality and fix its errorsAdobe Pixel Bender Toolkit - The File menu is the place where you can save the current filter or export it for Flash PlayerAdobe Pixel Bender ToolkitAdobe Pixel Bender ToolkitAdobe Pixel Bender ToolkitAdobe Pixel Bender ToolkitAdobe Pixel Bender ToolkitAdobe Pixel Bender Toolkit

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