Chroma Key (green)

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A simple Paint.NET plugin that removes the green background from images, with support for the blue color and settings adjustment

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Chroma Key (green) is a Paint.NET plugin that allows users to remove the green background from an image, such as snapshots of professional videos filmed on a green screen.

It is very simple to set up, as you only need to copy the DLL file to the "Effects" folder of Paint.NET's installed files. From this point on, you can access the Chrome Key plugin from the "Photo" submenu of the "Effects" menu.

It is possible to adjust the upper and lower bound for the alpha map, along with the soften boundary, by moving a slider or by directly inputting the numerical values.

Aside from the green color, this plugin also provides a function for blue background, together with the same settings. Thanks to Paint.NET's built-in options, you may view modifications in real-time before committing them, as well as restore settings to their factory values to restart the task.

The Chroma Key plugin is a welcomed addition to Paint.NET's effects palette, as it simplifies the user's job when it comes to removing or replacing green or blue colors in images. It is also very easy to adjust its settings, even if your experience with graphics editing software is limited.

Chroma Key (green) was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 5th, 2013
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