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Paint.NET plugin designed to generate the necessary HTML code for creating an image map that can be easily integrated into a website

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Image mapping helps web developers add hyperlinks to specific coordinates in a page that represent an image. The code for this can be created manually but there are specific tools on the market that can generate it automatically.

Integrate the add-on into the host

Create Image-Map is an add-on for Paint.NET image editor, designed specifically for this sort of job.

Even for the users that are not accustomed to working with this image manipulation tool integrating an extension is far from being a complicated task. Suffice to copy the contents of the archived add-on into the Effects folder of Paint.NET and the operation is complete.

The new tool appears under the Effects menu, in the Image Application folder and can be used right away.

Generate the code and edit it

Basically, what Create Image-Map does is to generate the HTML code based on the location of each element marked in the image. Based on user input, the utility determines the coordinates of the rectangle created by the picture and creates the necessary code.

The final step is to take the code generated by the tool and edit it to suit your needs, after all the elements in it have been uploaded into the right locations. There are no settings to tinker with and the effort invested is minimum.

Simple and efficient image map creation

Using the add-on for the job is an easy operation that does not require too much time to complete. On the other hand, learning the ropes could be a time consuming job, especially in lack of proper documentation that should specify how the selection of the image should be made in order to get the right coordinates for it.

Create Image-Map was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 12th, 2014
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