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Give your photos a bit of lift but using levels and sharpening




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Enhancer HD will provide users with a plugin filter that will help you give your photos a bit of lift but using levels and sharpening. This neat little filter will boost the definition and bring out hidden detail without altering colour tones or overall contrast in the image.

From the dialog window you can easily control the amount of enhancement, edge highlights, lift the shadow areas and boost saturation if needed. Each of these four enhancement controls can be used individually if desired. The filter works by using a combination of local equalization, edge highlights/lowlights and shadow lightening to lift the subject matter right off the page.

In the two pictures above notice how the definition in this rather soft focus image has been improved bringing out the hair, dress and jewellery detail. In the pictures on the right the car and surrounding area have been brought out of the shadows and definition improved.
Last updated on May 9th, 2011
Enhancer HD

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