HDR Efex Pro for Lightroom2.003

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A graphic plugin for HDR photography

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Working with HDR (high dynamic range) images requires special software for manipulating the light and dark areas of the picture.

HDR Efex Pro has been developed for this sort of image processing and it brings to the table sufficient options for reaching incredible results.

The tool can function on its own but it is designed to work in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom suite.

After making the necessary modifications with HDR Efex Pro and saving the image it should automatically open in Lightroom. However, there is also the possibility t0 save the result separately.

Nice, clear-cut interface

HDR Efex Pro has a simple interface that brings to the table several presets that can be selected and adjusted until the desired outcome is achieved.

Upon loading the bracketed images a dialog window guides through the steps necessary for getting the HDR image. It makes available options relating to alignment and ghost reduction, hardware acceleration as well as stacking and output format and compression.

Powerful controls

With the HDR image at the ready, it is time to tinker with the tone compression, tonality and the color settings. Each of them provides plenty of options and the effects are visible on the spot.

For a better look at a certain spot the application makes available a magnifying glass window that follows the mouse cursor.

One of the most important features present in HDR Efex Pro is selective adjustments. This enables the user to make localize the adjustments to a specified radius and allows modifying the exposure, saturation, strength, blacks, whites, temperature and tint for that particular spot only.

Versatile and efficient HDR software

HDR Efex Pro is highly flexible and provides preset configuration to apply a certain look with a click of a button; these can be adjusted for the best results.

Its versatility is extended by the selective adjustments feature, which permits changing various parameters only for a user-defined area.

HDR Efex Pro for Lightroom was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 17th, 2014

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